Saturday, 13 June 2009

? blog??

I change my facebook status a lot...the question is "What is on you mind?" and quite a lot goes thru there; anyway my friend eljefe suggested that I should start a blog. He is usually full of good ideas, so i decided to actually take his teasingly handed out advice.

Gripe /graIp/: to complain, esp. in a persistent nagging manner
a complaint or grievance

I thought of millions of things to blog about, but I settled on this one for four reasons:
No.1. In my daily activities I seem to encounter a lotttt of nonsense, more than most people :) and I ususally like to let people know, which does not usually go down well with them at all. [Anger, shouting, scenes....even insults, lol]
2. I have a terrible temper, which i am trying to get in check. so this will be my therapy. Instead of releasing all my displeasure, i'll blog about it.
3a. When wronged, Ghanaians always leave everything to God. Not put it right. So the fool keeps on receiving prayers which could have been saved for better, more pressing matters.
3b.When people do complain, they never follow it with any action. they jus talk and talk and talk, and forget it...hence those of us who try become such bitches.
4.there are so many businesses, people, companies, etc branching out and providing innovative services to Ghanaians and they deserve commendation. They are going to get it here...they are also going to get it when they try to rip us off with substandard service or jus simple crappy behaviour.

I've been in a position where i've had to serve people before. They can be annoying, obnoxious, rude and uncaring. but at the end of the day the customer IS always right and deserves the best. Surprisingly, most people notice the effort, when it is made and that is good for business.

So i'll be keeping you posted.
There are quite a lot of topics i am sure you can identify with.....say...... guards...told ya!!