Wednesday, 17 June 2009

City life v town life

I am a ‘city girl’; not excited about peace and quiet or birds singing. I am very used to ‘city living’ with its cosmopolitan things – like cappuccino; jazz, sushi; boutiques, Vietnamese cuisine, cheese shop, milkshakes, a mall can now be added and more. All equal more expense, the sacrifice for being in the capital. But this is the general way of life I could say I knew.
...until I moved to Kumasi to attend university. I heard ‘horror’ stories about burgers, and fufu being the only meal served in eating places. I swore never to change, and resolutely returned to Accra at regular intervals to re-immerse myself in ‘civilisation’. Somewhere along the line the 4 – 6 hour journey wore me out and I began to spend more and more and more time in Kumasi. Soon enough twi became my preferred language and I began to enjoy many aspects of living in Oseikrom.
Four years after, I must admit that Kumasi grew on me. Don’t get me wrong, I don't think i'll trade Accra for it, but I won’t mind semi-long stays. Unfortunately, I have noticed one effect of living there that is affecting my way of life in Accra. I have become a very ‘cheap girl’!!
Let me explain, the standard of living in Kumasi is superb for student life. A little can go far. A lot has u living the life! There is a price for everyone, billionaire right down to the beggar. Food, transport, entertainment [though limited] is all cheaper. What else does a student need? I discovered shops, salons and braid centres with marvellous talent at amazing prices. After enjoying this for four years, I find myself becoming very upset in Accra. For example, to go club-hopping in Accra I am required [actually, my date, but...] to shell out [sums I now view as huge] for a girl to have a good time. I now have the notion that boutique and shop owners are highway robbers, out to get me; food sellers are trying to rip me off; and all taxi drivers are thieves. Even salons are against me, some giving me sleepless nights by charging 428.6% more than some of their counterparts in Kumasi for the same styles.
It’s not that I cannot afford it, but it kills me to think that even if I add my transport to the amount I’ll be charged in Kumasi I’ll still make a small savings!
There are very expensive places in Kumasi, don’t get me wrong, no one can waltz in with coins and buy out the high street but it’s easier to make some savings. It is however true that a lot of items and products a cosmo girl is used to cant be found on the market least not easily; and when found usually at a cutthroat price. But hope Kumasi business owners won’t act like typical Ghanaians and increase, across board, prices by 1000%.
Never thought I’d say this but I’m so going to miss Kumasi.