Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Emergency 111 calls

I was one of the numerous Ghanaians complaining about the service I was getting from MTN (once Areeba/Spacefon). I also owned a Onetouch (now Vodafone) and Tigo chip and switched a lot, in order to get the best possible service – earlier free night calls from Onetouch; and tigo for their international call rates. I’ve also had a Kasapa phone [their service could be the best, but that’s another story]
I remember the countless number of times I tried calling 111, the MTN “helpline” to request one form of assistance or another...only for a rude ‘Network busy’ to dash my hopes; or to have the call go through and cut the very minute I get to speak to the operator. Sometimes I would be toyed with; the call would cut, but only after I had painstakingly explained my problem to the operator. The most frustrating one, which killed me kraa was that ‘piniiniii’ sound.
Hmmm, MTN!
Sometime last year, I simply got fed up, not for any particular reason, more of a culmination of reasons and I signed on to Zain. It was not for any particular was a new network and I wanted a fresh start. After all it couldn’t possibly be much worse than what I was getting, could it? So I got a Zain chip, and made the switch and I have loved it!
Now when I call 111, I get to talk to real live human operators with names, who genuinely seem to want to help me (with a few exceptions...and I know their names!) But even roses have thorns. As one credit vendor aptly stated: “Zain die, mframa kraa bo a na network no ati ko”. This means that even a slight wind can cause the Zain network to go off. This is true to an extent, their network can be unstable. I felt very important, like a truly valued customer, one day when I received a call from them asking what I didn’t like about their service, and I did tell them. They have promised to improve, so I’m watching.
Their internet service, though more expensive, is fast and usually reliable. I can also sign up to receive texts informing me of calls I missed when my phone is off (which reminds me of T-mobile in the UK). What I currently love most as the You pay, Zain pays promotion (which will sadly end at the end of this year, sniff) I no longer consider buying credit a chore or expense now it’s an investment! And I’ll get a full return on it the following month.
I am not advertising for anyone, not at all. I am just in love with my network and it’s a wonderful feeling!