Friday, 10 July 2009


Obama is fact he is almost here...and obama fever is on!! I love it!! Nigerians are boiling but there’s nothing to be done. His biography has been shown on TV so many times, I’m beginning to know the scenes by rote; roads are being blocked; musicians composing songs ; from t-shirts to biscuits with Obama on it; an Obama lookalike has even been found, complete with his ears!...Obama mania is here!!! Obama and his family are coming! Several gold-digging boys I know have mapped out strategies to get Malia and Sasha to marry them as soon as they are of age. Isn’t it good to see a black American famous worldwide for something other than entertainment? And not just anything but as ‘the whole’ American president...whaaaat!
I have refused to interest myself with whatever reason he gave for coming [because I know it is oil] but I’m glad that he is. Unfortunately for me I’m not well this weekend so I will not be privileged to catch a glance of him [or even his motorcade as it passes by ‘whiiiim’] anywhere this weekend.
But what are we going to say? Obama give as money?? Taking for granted that the name Obama will come out flawlessly from our Excellency’s lips. I for one won’t forgive him if he repeats any ecominy or ofumtuo or coursety this weekend, at all. Daabi daabi. I wish we could show him something progressive, that yes, we too we can...let’s wait and see.
And what are we going to show him? La Poly clinic? I hope that road has been fixed because even his beast of a limo can be derailed by those monster potholes. Cape Coast? Not bad, after all he’s a tourist and it’s not too far away. I hope on the way he doesn’t see our petrol queues. I also hope we don’t force Malia and Sasha to experience light-off or water shortage. No doubt, having been to Kenya, Obama has experienced both.
I hear that about 10,000 police personnel have been dispatched to protect Barack and his Family, but I have a feeling there are enough people and fire power in that American fortress at Cantonments to guard them. Who is protecting us Ghanaians from armed robbery in the mean time?? Let’s hope the armed robbers too will want to see Obama, and forget their plans for the weekend....
More to come..