Saturday, 11 July 2009


Obama has landed and I’m star struck. My mother chose to watch the GTV [station of the nation]’s coverage of the event. The commentator [whose name I unfortunately didn’t catch] almost quenched my fire with his droning voice and irksome commentary. Anyway, Air Force One touched down and we were left in suspense for some time. I couldn’t wait to see what Michelle was wearing. The [mostly white, American] security personnel were in position [I didn’t see many of the 10,000 Ghanaian police officers though; I guess the Americans only trust their security].
The President walked with his wife to meet him [was it me or was his walk a little wobbly?] with an entourage of high ranking officials and important Ghanaians. Finally the man and his family came out [was his elder daughter wearing flip-flops? Ei, she too?] I was pleasantly surprised to see how he greeted everyone, actually chatting for a while and even cracking jokes with some people. It was very refreshing to watch, he seemed genuinely interested in the people he was meeting. That was when I noticed it...was that a phone?? Oh my!! One of the people in the line-up to meet him was actually filming it all...and another, taking pictures>>>> what would the ordinary pedestrian do? Did i almost forget to mention that they had to be kept in line and kept sneaking peeks, as if he wouldn't talk to them in just a few minutes. I do understand that the visit is historic and that they were as star struck as I am, but ebei!!! Ah ba!!!
The Obamas were also interested in the cultural display, and even nearly made an attempt to dance. I say nearly because I couldn’t see much because of the awful camera angle, I could only tell because bothe Barack and Michelle were taller than most people standing around them. Suddenly, as soon as the magic began, it ended. The security personnel [who didn’t seem too happy with all the fraternizing] whisked their president and his family away, and left the gathering surely thinking or exclaiming to themselves “ei menso mehyia Obama!”