Friday, 10 July 2009

The Hoax that never was

The news of Michael Jackson’s death was received with disbelief by many people. As someone’s facebook status said “How can a whole Michael JACKSON DIE??” We all hoped it would turn out to be a stunt or hoax, so we could suck our teeth or sigh in relief or say “Ah, Michael paa”. It is always difficult to accept the sudden death of a person dear to you, especially when there was no warning, such as sickness...and that’s how it felt for Michael Jackson fans
For me the sight of the hearse carrying Michael Jackson’s remains in the beautiful coffin made it all very real. Even the King of Pop had to answer when the King of Kings called. His memorial service was the most beautiful and touching service that I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. I really admired the strength and love of the Jackson family. That’s what family should be about, supporting each other when it matters. The performances were heartfelt and respectful; and the crowd was solemnly appreciative. Maya Angelou’s ‘We had him’, read by Queen Latifah summed up all the feelings and emotions we felt. Usher and Stevie Wonder were amazing, and yet conveyed such profound feelings of loss. Al Sharpton’s speech got thumbs up and a cheer from me, ‘Bo ho biom’.
The man himself was enigmatic and there were many controversies surrounding him but he was without question one of the most iconic people on the planet. Who doesn’t [didn’t] know Michael Jackson? Or had never heard his name? His brother Marlon said some heartfelt words, wondering if in death Michael would now be left alone. Uri Geller, at whose 2001 wedding Michael acted as best man, is quoted as saying, “The great tragedy is that Michael was not permitted to be the simple, humble man he always was”.
My heart goes out to his children, and I cried when his daughter, Paris Michael declared the King of Pop as “the best father you could ever imagine”. At the end of the day Michael Jackson –son, brother, uncle, friend, humanitarian, musician, entertainer...whatever; whether you’re a lover or hater, critic or fan, believer or sceptic, passionate or indifferent; the man whose presence and impact worldwide cannot be denied or undermined, he was just a regular dad who meant the world to his heartbroken kids.


As sad as I, I could not help but preen my feathers proudly as Ghana was mentioned three times during the CNN coverage of events and once in Maya Angelou’s poem, for the whole world to hear [Obama coming here must have helped too]. I intend to rub it in the face of any Nigerian friend I meet for a long time to come.