Friday, 28 October 2011

Niggling questions :)

Androgynous is defined as having the characteristics or nature of both male and female or
                          neither specifically feminine nor masculine or suitable to or 
                          for either sex for eg. androgynous clothing.

Ever so often I like wearing suits and a tie or bow tie or braces and brogues to experiment androgynous looks. Nothing special about that. 
We've all met at least one person whose gender we immediately couldn't decipher, right? But it usually becomes apparent pretty soon - as in the cases of very pretty boys and extremely boyish girls.

This is different. And Special!

The first time I saw Andrej Pejic I was completely blown away. I could NOT and still CANNOT believe he is a man! His waist is probably smaller than mine and I'm pretty small!
He's pictured here (for Brazilian label Auslander's Spring 2012 campaign
I need to know: Where are his....u know...bits??!?
He looks extra girly beside Rico the Zombie

I still can't believe it and do a double take every time..

every single time..

It's not even fair.
Ps. Is there a picture of his bits anywhere??? ...he has...bits..right?? 
pps. Any black men this androgynous?? just curious