Monday, 17 October 2011

Sakawa boy or iCEO??

I read a post by a friend at so what if Steve Jobs had been Ghanaian? It really got me thinking. Very Hard. I belong/belonged to a group called Candles-n-Hope and we used to offer kids at a nearby school extra help in school on Saturdays. I very soon realized that I did not have the patience to teach so I became the facilitator. I delivered chalk and other supplies to the 'teachers'; gave out pens and books to the students and got to sit in the classes. There I could sit back and see understanding dawn on impressionable young minds, or catch the naughty ones pinching their friends and pulling other peoples' books. One of them struck me the most. He seemed really smart and wanted to study both engineering and medicine at university...if he made it there. How difficult would it be for these kids to rise out of their circumstances without a lot of will and a great deal of help and support? too difficult. Close to impossible. The school was a short distance from my university, and these were in no way the most deprived of children... so what if Steve Jobs had been an average Ghanaian?...what if he had been one of those kids??....he would probably have been aborted to save his parents all the trouble in the first place. Simple. Ethnic issues are considered very serious and his mother might not have wanted to incur more of her father's or her family/society's wrath by keeping the pregnancy. Giving him up for adoption wouldn't really have been one of the options available to his her. Alternatively, she could have abandoned him at a hospital or orphanage and run away very fast. Or perhaps they might have had him and he would have attended a regular, local school. But the standard of education he would have received might have placed him in no position, perhaps even at a disadvantage, to be making phone calls to important people. There are many high school graduates who cannot speak good English. To top it all off Steve Jobs dropped out of school!! This would have definitely been the K.O. in Ghana, where the drop outs are usually hawking on the streets. I could go on, but the odds are that the highest height he may have risen to would have been an internet cafe attendant...where he may have tried his hands at Sakawa (lol). Prettykay sums it into 5 questions at: My answers to the questions of behalf of Steve-Ghana Jobs painted a bleak picture. Worst case scenario he wouldn't have been born at all but forced out way before he could survive. But maybe an indomitable will such as his might have survived through it all and still come out tops. I don't doubt it, I am just sceptical, lol. What are your own odds? Answer the questions, looking at your own circumstances. Would you have made it??