Sunday, 16 October 2011


This holiday I rediscovered my love for baking! simply because I found some of my cake tins. I love baking, trouble is that I usually can't get the people who live in my house to eat what I bake. Don't get me wrong, they taste great (even if I say so myself) but they are all on one diet or another so it makes things a bit rather than waste things I was given an idea: sell the rest. That's how SugarHiGh (pronounced Sugar high) just to differentiate it from SugarHighs in other places eg. or So I make orders so 1.I can 'practice' and get better and 2. they get cake #winning!! Well technically, I experiment first and then people order stuff they're assured taste good,lol. I'm teaching myself how to do a lot of things (until December at least *fingers crossed* when I take an icing course). Thank God for my patient cake addicts who don't stress me out. I am a perfectionist so I give myself enough pressure without any from external sources. have a Facebook album of some of my exploits: If you're too lazy here's a few:
hope to be baking things like this soon:
I'm hoping to make my own birthday cake this year, not sure exactly what I want yet though...a pair of heels is high on the list but if you have any suggestions pretty please let me know...