Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Surprise!!! I usually don't like surprises (unless it's a surprise birthday party, hint hint hint)
Neither does Ghana, apparently. Especially surprise rainfall!
Oops. No one told the rains that...truth is expected or unexpected: the value is the same!
see : (wrote that in 2009, 2 years later : ta-daaa!!)
People shared these with me, so I'm sharing with you.
Should I bet that next year, maybe sooner, I'll have some more?? (and the year after that..and after..and after) ...I'm just saying...

This picture was rightly titled "y3 b3wu nti y3nda? - they're already in trouble but there's nothing they can do about it so they might as well have a pint,lol

Vultures and our other Relatives
Update (Friday, 28th October 2011):
Ironically, while I thought we were safe and sound from all flood water and damage high up on the 2nd floor -3rd,if you count the ground floor as 1-  my dad's Benz which had gone to the garage/mechanic to be sprayed or something was completely filled up with water. Who knew it had a second purpose as a cup!? smh.
Now begins the process of dismantling it, well movable parts, so it can dry out; draining it of all oils and water and then calling an electronics expert. Apparently the same fate befell Rana Motors and the other car people on that road: brand new cars all submerged *sigh*
(does that mean they'll sell them for cheap???)

As as today 11 people have lost their lives, well that's the figure that was reported ( I don't have any figures for the damage to property, doubt that anyone does.
So here in Accra, as hot as it is, we're hoping for no more rain.